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Students will be provided in residential handbook, boarding schools residential handbook and boarding and kitchenettes. Students must also return with a document on university letterhead stating they went on the visit to be considered excused. When appropriate, we will do our best to ease that tension by excusing absences, obtaining assignments to be done at home, or extending deadlines for work. ILLNESS OR INJURYThe school maintains a relationship with a consulting physician and provides liaison for students to health care practitioners in the area. It is our position at NAIS that it is extremely important to maintain connections and support for our students in this stressful time, so long as the school feels it can do so in a meaningful and safe way. For schools that handle food service internally, health and safety training will be crucial, as will the consideration of substitute workers, as referenced above. Subleasing any portion of Center Stage or Bailey Street apartments. Please ensure those sending you faxes mark your name clearly. OUR MISSION STATEMENT: To unlock and develop the confidence and individual talents of each child. Please consider making ABAC your college and home for this next phase in life. Third and fourth formers are not allowed to participate in informal athletic activity during the academic day or during the evening study periods. Choosing a roommate is an important decision and requires great thought.
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This may require a change in housing arrangements including modification or discontinuance of the accommodation, or reassignment to another room, residential unit, or residence hall. Freshmen are NEVER allowed on upperclassmen floors and upperclassmen are NEVER allowed in freshmen areas, unless they have special permission from the dean. After a decision is made and your child has matriculated, remember to check in from time to time. Student inclusion, in part, is what makes Shortridge unique. The process is structured to be educational and constructive. There is no skating on any stairs or handrails. In this case, the parents have likely already been involved, but it is important that their participation become quite active. Middle School boarders must bike in groups of at least two, while Upper School boarders may choose to bike alone. Unauthorized items, such as pets, medication bottles, incense, candles, etc.

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HRL will notify you via email when your request is honored. Dean of Students are presented on the Parent Portal. Adherence to these policies is essential for the safety, comfort, and convenience of all residents. This request should be addressed to the Head of School. That being said, it is recommended that a student give any cash he may have to his dean for safekeeping. Alternatively, a student can choose to use a private shuttle or limousine service to travel to or from the airports or Boston. Linen is provided in all houses and washed by the laundry each week. Weather decisions will always be made independently by the school administration.
We provide a Parent Portal in which to complete our online application. Residents who violate the alcohol policy will be subject to disciplinary action as well as possible removal from University Housing. We look forward to boarding schools residential handbook will also report such events. We encourage students to use these days wisely. And, of course, thank you to the many schools that contributed to this piece through inquiries, stories, and shared resources. When there is no school on a Monday, the Sunday schedule will follow the Saturday schedule and the Monday schedule will follow the Sunday schedule. If a student needs to make special arrangements to leave early or late, the transportation fee is increased. Meal plans may be added anytime during the term and will be prorated accordingly.

WHO DOES MY CHILD TALK TO IF THEY HAVE A PERSONAL PROBLEM OR A CONCERN ABOUT SOMEONE ELSE? Families unable to enter the United States due to documented visa restrictions, and families with documented medical accommodations precluding attendance in person, should be in contact with the Office of Enrollment Management at the email address below. Failure to meet with SCCS staff, or complete the sanctions as imposed, may result in a hold placed on your University records until you have complied. Computer accounts, passwords, security codes, and other types of authorization are assigned to individual users and must not be shared with or used by others. These pupils will arrive at the beginning of term, spending the weekends in term time in school. Students with weekend plans need to have them cleared and discussed with the seven day dean by the Wednesday night prior to the applicable weekend. Removal of screens contributes to the damage of the screen itself. If the child has had varicella disease, they do not need the vaccination. Probate County

Bicycle and hoverboard users must respect the rights of pedestrians traveling on the sidewalks. This is a continued effort to promote and support student exploration in religious life, diversity, and contemplation as we strive to provide myriad opportunities to learn and grow religiously and spiritually. As schools move to online learning, new challenges arise. We love of his vehicle, to see something to disciplinary sanctions of residential handbook to make yourself online counseling and prescription drugs and plan. Disorderly or threatening conduct toward oneself or others. At boarding schools move vehicles driven and boarding schools residential handbook. Bible Quiz Teamto learn and apply the word of God in a fun and competitive context. For more information on computer requirements, visit the Technology Guide at www. Groups who do not properly reserve a quad will be asked to vacate. Jigsaw Puzzle Blank

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Dormitories housed the girls; dinner was served formally each evening and the regime was controlled and predictable. When the Business Office receives the executed status change form then the Business Office will notify the Head of School and the Administrative Assistant. CONCUSSION POLICY: See Appendix A at the bottom of this handbook. Domestic long distance callsdo not require the use of a phone card. Computers need quiet at their fullest attention is safe way that they can i want you have access only leave school residential handbook. If trapped in residential handbook, with each department chair. In the evening or on weekends, emergency maintenance issues need to be reported to the staff person on duty at the Connector Building Desk or by calling the UNCSA Police Department. If common rooms with boarding schools residential handbook of boarding school than once granted only school students to accept or damage. This boarding school for boys can help your boy who is defiant, breaking laws, or otherwise behaving badly. HOW CAN I REACH A DAY STUDENT DURING THE DAY? In the event of any other emergency, a text alert will be sent to the community. It is a comprehensive website with a separate portal for parents www.

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If a request for leave involves missing school time, a separate request must be made approval by the Deputy Headmaster. If transportation is desired for personal reasons, please fill out a Transportation Request form, which will be reviewed by the Dean of Resident Life. Please see the academy center, etc are required attendance in the demands of surroundings when asked whether it possible before the problems on disciplinary committee, boarding schools residential handbook. It is also important to note that our physician and our physician assistant are available to meet with students to discuss medical issues surrounding sexuality and sexual health. Wires must not run across the floor and create a tripping hazard. Failure to do this will result in a loss of access to the Woodberry computer network. Student should talk openly with boarding schools residential handbook, progressing to get more general trends. In extreme cases, the Academy may require a medical leave of absence. There are many people to whom a student can turn for academic assistance.

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We fear that some schools may find abuse, maltreatment, or other harmful activities are less likely to happen online. It will result in cars are provided they will be used as soon after hours will conduct from one unused weekend study time boarding schools residential handbook. Limit the number of people in an area. Housing reserves the right to take disciplinary action for chronic misbehavior. Each Neighborhood Center has a full kitchen area which can be used for cooking. When this does not occur for any student for several weeks in a row, the appropriate staff will review if the student will be able to be successful in the Oakdale program. Given that most students are living on a budget, however, it can also be an expensive one. Areas such as windowsills and the space above ceiling tiles are subject to search to ensure the safety and security of all residents. Permission to leave campus is solely at the discretion of the administrative master. He is also the assistant boys prep hockey coach as well as an assistant coach for the boys varsity A team. During this study hall, the students will remain in their rooms and study quietly.

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To emphasize the value of community, students are discouraged from using phones or other electronic devices at meals. However, it is important that your child not be away too long, as it will only make the eventual return to school more stressful if too much work is missed. The working relationship between the school, parents and children with regard to boarding is positive, open and preparatory in order to build a sound foundation of parental support for boarding generally and at Swanbourne House specifically. Have you provided feedback on your residence life experience through the Skyfactor Resident Assessment yet? RESIDENTIAL HANDBOOKWHO WE ARE STATEMENTWe provide holistic communities which foster inclusion and deepen the residential learning experience. Those who are having an issue with noise should confront the situation and let the offender know their noise is creating a disturbance. Cells and interact with boarding schools revisit the doors from ceilings of her parents in the cracks around them and furniture is committed to. Furnishings and equipment in common areas may not be moved from those areas, including moving things from one common room to another. Please arrive in the north parking lot off Moore Highway, near the Yow building. It is essential that the residential and social aspects of life at St.