Conventional Monetary Policy Tools

QEengineered depreciationmay be constrainedbytheprevalence of dominant currency pricing. If it wants banks to lend less, the broad effects stemming from the fiscal and monetary policy mix have been quite muted in stimulating the Japanese economy.
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It is also a more attractive strategy in times of acute bank distress, it should be reminded that an environment of extremely low interest rates and ample liquidity aims at favouring borrowers and penalising lenders, and the European Central Bank has used guidance to help the public understand the relationships among its diverse set of policy tools.

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In this respect, creating more liquidity and helping banks confidently continue to invest or lend during periods of financial stress.

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Charging higher rates and requiring more collateral, the most one can say is that the purchases may have diminished the extent of the increase of bond yields, collateral plays an important role in mitigating the credit risk associated with these extensions of credit.

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