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What was called the Middle Comedy, in which political satire was prohibited, lasted from this time until the age of Philip of Macedon, when the old liberty of Greece was finally crushed.

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On the bench behind the musicians sit the deputies from Lyons, Poitiers, Orleans, and Rheims, cities where the influence of the Ligue was strong, discussing the question as to who should be king.

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The young prince here carries the windmill on his head. Period Statutory Dance of Macabre, this name being confidered as a mere corruption of Macarius.

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In publifhing his fourth book, Rabelais complains that his writings had raifed him enemies, and that he was accufed of having at lead written herefy. In seeing how a caricature is exaggerated, he faces the task of determining the scales and norms with respect to which exaggeration was attempted. Story Written on a Bill Stamp.

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But soon after this period, and rather more than a century before Christ, came Caius Lucilius, who raised Roman satirical literature to its perfection. The instructions are clear and precise.

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