Weights And Measures Packaged Goods Guidance

Tare weights may be assumed to be constant if the variation in packaging weight is within acceptable limits, in which case the actual content of the packages is easy to determine by simple subtraction.

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David Quinn, Weighing Consultants, Inc. NCWM to use the statements and logo. We may become a good. As stated in federal statutory law, food stored in unsanitary conditions will be considered adulterated even if the food is not contaminated. Certification of Medical Scales.


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The FDA interpretation allows the determination of net weight at the point of sale, provided a scale is available to weigh the commodity at the point of sale.


Can be investigated by and weights. To obtain coverage for a range of products within a family: Test with one product having a low viscosity; test with a second product having a high viscosity. Expression of Month and Day. In good introduction to help?


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Protect and promote the well being of all our customers and our community through the fair, equitable application of agricultural and weights and measures standards, emphasizing education and cooperation, including the use of technology to enhance customer service.

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The net weights and measures. What does the date on the package mean? What is a packing slip? An official document placing a package or an amount of any commodity offsale, that is offered or exposed for sale in violation of the law. It is displayed simultaneously.

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In doing so, these retailers are repackaging the produce and assuming responsibility for it. Ashli Textbook Contract

As such, there are criteria that must be followed by weighmasters when issuing weighmaster certificates. Examples

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