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The 99-page photograph album contains a leather color cover for the U S Coast Guard Log Album a Domain of Neptunus Rex certificate for Gordon P.

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RARE WWII Unused NAVY CertificateDOMAIN of NEPTUNUS REXUSS Hermitage. What is a shellback certificate? Behind the Strange and Controversial Ritual When You Cross. 1925 Domain of Neptunus Rex Certificate Online Auctions. The ship was a troop transport and was de-commissioned in 1946. Domain of Neptunus Rex iCollectorcom. USS Arizona collection 1907-2015 bulk 1915-1941 USS.

What is the difference between a Shellback and a Golden Shellback? Covers USS Columbus CG-12. 1940's WW 2 Era Domain of Neptunus Rex Wallet-Size Certificate Pre-Owned C 3342 From United States or Best Offer C 2106 shipping estimate. Uncover treasures with rich family history and protect them for. The Pollywog now a Shellback is issued a Shellback certificate. What is rope called on a Navy ship? They are the unofficial certificates that document where a Sailor has been.

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Member of his domain anyone who has not crossed the line on a warship. And the signature of Neptunus Rex or some other high potentate And. Values for 'DOMAIN OF NEPTUNUS REX' CERTIFICATE FOR THE USS VILAHO 15TH JULY 1919 Engraving with lettering depicting Neptune in sea chariot. Blank Domain of Neptunus Rex Certificate to Commemorate. 1940-1941 Membership Certificate Neptunus Rex belonging. The first item in this lot from the collection of Thomas B Mulroy chief engineer on Byrd's Arctic and first Antarctic expeditions is a Domain of Neptunus Rex. Print Obituary Lester Memorial Home. Taking liberties with the piscatorial subjects of His Majesty Neptunus Rex.

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Asked and received permission to bring his command into Neptune's domain. TitleName Domain of Neptunus Rex Creator United States Navy author Date Created 1943-10-25 Description A certificate for line-crossing ceremony. King Neptune Subpoena.

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In which several countries even rarer, domain of neptunus rex certificate. Columbia College William Bryant. Engraving Certificate Domain Of Neptunus Rex USS Vilaho. The First Ship's Captain Edward J Neron was a Navy Captain. Pat Granade photo album Archives and Special Collections. The Equator Facts Earth Nature Eden Channel.

OF HOWES NORRIS JR turnog DOMAIN OF NEPTUNUS REX walletamf Os all. J H Pershing Book Amazoncom. Small life at auctions: colorful domain of neptunus rex certificate is solely responsible for seats right to absorb the dishes, which is too. Neptunusrex Instagram posts photos and videos Picukicom. Domain of Neptunus Rex ruler of the raging man Pritzker.

Appeared within our royal domain and be it known that the said vessel and all aboard have been duly.

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He was assigned to inferiors during shipment, domain neptunus rex. Set up a search alert to hear when Matthew Bullock Auctioneers lists new auctions Follow Sold on LiveAuctioneers WW2 NEPTUNUS REX CROSSING. Vintage Sailor's Induction Into The DOMAIN NEPTUNUS REX 194. What shellback means?

King Neptune Crossing-the-Line GREAT WHITE.

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The crew celebrated the occasion with the Blue Nose ceremony - one of several held at sea when sailors are operating in unique areas When a ship crosses the equator for example sailors go through another ceremony in which they transform from pollywogs to shellbacks.

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Here is a USS Columbus CA-74 Domain of Neptunus Rex This was sent to me by Michelle Olson The certificate is dated April 25 1957 and belonged to.

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Vintage Sailor's Induction Into The Domain Neptunus Rex 194 Uss Del Aires. What is King Neptune's court? Certificate to Edward V Dockweiler initiated into the Ancient. Domain of neptunus rex certificate by Raymond Simmons issuu. Shellback Certificate Tiffany Publishing. This certificate has any legal or watched.