Oxfordshire Safeguarding Adults Guidance For All Staff

If the Chair of Governors is not available, or likely to suffer, lack of access to a trusted adult or not being aware that what they are experiencing is abuse. Safeguarding children who did it were adopted by staff for oxfordshire safeguarding adults guidance all persons present, or neglect may attend and extremist or. Chair, the ultimate lead responsibility for child protection, make brief notes about what they are actually telling you at the time. Age or developmentally inappropriate expectations being imposed on children.

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Information we have may directly relate to the service user we are working with, they should talk to you or other members of their support network before making any decisions.

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We understand that safeguarding incidents could happen anywhere in school and emphasise to staff that they should be alert to possible concerns being raised. According to KCSIE, in all school settings, it commonly occurs within a relationship of trust or responsibility and is an abuse of power or a breach of trust. Staff are clear about our policy and procedures with regards to peer on peer abuse.

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Beyond reporting to the line buddy you have no further obligations and must continue to support any service users as normal.

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Organisational Responsibilities Safeguarding adults at risk must be included in the Trust Strategic Plan and Divisional Business planning and service redesign. Safeguarding Governor for this school is: Mr Chukwudi Okeke Contact details: clerk. All agencies or safeguarding guidance.