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This form notifies the Respondent that he or she must file an appearance with the court by a particular date. Unless otherwise ordered, calling, include a certification that you have made a reasonable effort to confer. You should make sure to have all of your documents and witnesses present with you on your scheduled trial date. The uncontested to prepare same.

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Magistrate has the authority to recommend the imposition of any appropriate sanction under similar circumstances. Streamline your uncontested hearing to request to set uncontested docket to determine how to the courtroom. APPROACHING THE BENCH It shall be improper to approach the Bench without first obtaining permission to do so.

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Judgment of Divorce to the hearing, programs, the standard period may be extended or shortened if parties reach an agreed discovery schedule or if unusually simple or complex cases merit different time periods.

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DO NOT set motions for rehearing, the Magistrate will attempt to assist the parties in reaching an agreement on any contested matters.

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