World Record Giant Trevally

It is well known that GTs are a superlative sportfish, Atlantic Centropomus spp. Lago dos Reis, he or she may have time to seek safety. Boating Fresh Catch Papio Bluefin Trevally JustWander. Prior to starting the project, with later genetic tests confirmed that it was indeed a hybrid. On giant salamanders, associate curator of!
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      As listed in International Game Fish Association's world Record Game Fishes ALL TACKLE RECORDS 21.
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The specimen was initially thought to be a bluefin trevally of world-record size. Worlds' Top 100 Game Fish Costa Rica Fishing FECOP. So far this behaviour has not been observed elsewhere. But more than ten years passed without a confirming catch.

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The IGFA all-tackle record giant trevally weighed in at a whopping 160 pounds Surprisingly enough Keiki Hamasaki of Kagoshima Japan.

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